Impact & Sustainability

We believe that our business model can be a force for change in the industry; allowing us to set a new standard for sustainable food. To get there, we will be focusing on leadership, transparency, and innovation across five pillars, in addition to being an active and engaged community participant. 


Food Sourcing

We're dedicated to becoming a leader in responsible and transparent food sourcing. Some of the things we plan to focus on in the future are: 

  • Using seasonal, locally-sourced, and organic ingredients whenever possible 

  • Rewarding lower-impact and humane agricultural practices by purchasing food grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and/or using regenerative practices 

  • Sourcing meat that is humanely raised and processed, without added antibiotics or hormones 

  • Working with leaders in sustainable fishing and aquaculture to procure seafood that supports marine habitats 

  • Using our culturally diverse chef-driven cuisines to support a more plant-forward diet 


Food Waste

Given our planned operational scope and scale, we have an incredible opportunity to reduce food waste. Right now, we are focusing on: 

  • Providing usable excess to feed the food-insecure in our communities 

  • Utilizing compost and anaerobic digestion to create renewable energy and support the reduction of synthetic fertilizer usage 

  • Achieving our goal of zero food waste to landfill 

  • Assessing our waste streams to evaluate future upcycled opportunities 

  • Leveraging innovative food storage technology to extend shelf-life and minimize inventory waste 

Healthy Buildings   

Our goal is to leverage our real estate to make a positive environmental impact. Some of our initiatives include:        

  • Securing LEED certification of our Central Kitchen to reduce operational impact and improve the well-being of employees    

  • Measuring and reducing our full value-chain emissions impact  

  • Achieving our goals of 90% waste diversion from landfill and meeting TRUE Zero Waste Certification 

  • Increasing our use of renewable energy sources 


Emissions-Neutral Fleet   

We are continuously looking at ways to quantify and reduce the impact of our mobile restaurants as we move toward a future of all-electric vehicles charged via 100% renewable energy. Some of the things we are doing now to work toward that goal include:   

  • Offsetting 100% of fleet emissions  

  • Leveraging battery-powered electric cooking on our mobile restaurants  

  • Designing cooking technology that minimizes energy use while maximizing cooking time efficiency   



Maintaining an unmatched dining experience means ensuring high quality, revolutionary packaging. Our packaging goals center on:    

  • Increasing our use of recyclable, and compostable materials      

  • Innovating reusable closed-loop dinnerware 

  • Working to eliminate excess packaging & minimize material use wherever possible 


Our Communities 

Part of our commitment to a sustainable future is a responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. At Wonder, we lead with a community mindset across our entire organization, and we are always looking at ways to give back. Some of the many ways we do this are:

  • Donating excess food to combat food insecurity locally 

  • Partnering with incredible charities like the Community Food Bank of New Jersey and World Central Kitchen to provide support locally & globally 

  • Connecting with local Green Teams on innovative pilots such as circular packaging models 

  • Participating in local community events including municipal fairs and concerts, school benefits and PTA events, and more 


For more information or to get in touch with our sustainability or community teams, please reach out to