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One of the greatest Thai restaurants in the country, for more than 20 years. 



Get to Know the Restaurant

For nearly 30 years, locals and tourists alike have been making the pilgrimage to Woodside, Queens, for Sripraphai Tipmanee’s regional Thai specialties, from the vivid heat of the north to the sweet-tart tropical flavors of the coast. 

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Pork Belly & Chinese Broccoli 

Crisp-fried strips of tender pork belly tossed with Chinese broccoli, garlic, and Thai oyster sauce. Served with your choice of white or red rice. 

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Khao Soi   

Northern Thailand's beloved dish starts with a slightly spicy coconut milk broth. Pour it over rice noodles, crunchy lo mein, pickled greens, and red onion. 

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Chicken Satay

Hard to say which is more satisfying: skewers of grilled coconut curry–marinated chicken, or the turmeric and tamarind–spiked peanut dipping sauce it's served with? 

Massaman Beef Curry 
Reminiscent of Indian curries—with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, and clove—this velvety red curry goes beautifully with braised beef, potatoes and onions.  

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Basil Fried Rice  

This spicy wok-fried rice is packed with flavor from toasty jasmine rice, Thai basil (with a spicy, peppery flavor akin to licorice), red bell pepper, chiles, cilantro, and chicken.