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A world-famous chef creates the ultimate Spanish menu 



José Andrés

This concept and menu were created exclusively for Wonder by world famous chef José Andrés. He first came to fame 30 years ago, as the chef who pioneered "tapas" in America—and introduced us to the robust, rustic, hearty flavors of his native Spain. The food at Jota is like José himself: colorful, fun, bold, loud. It’s like a big party


Gambas al Ajillo

José adds brandy and lemon juice to the classic recipe, along with golden-fried garlic, chile de arbol, and luscious olive oil. Served with toasted bread to soak up all the rich sauce 

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Tortilla de Patata

Describing a Spanish tortilla as a mere “omelette” is like calling the Beatles a Top 40 act. This iconic dish gets its silky texture from a generous amount of olive oil, in which sliced potatoes and onion are cooked before adding eggs to the skillet. Breakfast for dinner? We’re in.  


Pan con Tomate 

This Catalan staple is as delicious as it is simple: crunchy, airy slices of toasted bread drizzled in olive oil, and topped with sweet, thyme-and-bay-scented grated tomato  

Paella de Mar y Montaña

A tribute to both mar and montaña (the sea and the mountains), this knockout paella combines tender shrimp and squid with roast chicken thigh, and grilled butifarra (Catalan pork sausage) 

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Croquetas de Jamon 

The measure of a great tapas bar? The crispy-meets-creamy texture of their croquetas—filled with silky bechamel sauce and nuggets of Spanish ham