We believe
great food is
a human right.

Great food should be delicious, nutritious, and sustainable. We know that our business model can be a force for change and set a new standard for sustainable food.  

Food Sourcing

We want to become a leader in responsible and transparent food sourcing. 

Food Waste

By controlling our end-to-end food system, we can radically reduce food waste.  

Healthy Buildings  

Our goal is to leverage our real estate to make a positive environmental impact.  

Neutral Fleet

We’re moving toward all-electric mobile restaurants charged with 100% renewable energy.  ​


Maintaining an unmatched dining experience means ensuring revolutionary packaging.  ​

Our Communities

We have a responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities

we serve.  

For more information or to get in touch with our sustainability or community teams, please reach out to impact@wonder.com.