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Ramen, steamed buns, and more Japanese favorites


Get to know the restaurant

This Brooklyn ramen joint still tops critics’ lists ten years in—not just for the soul-nourishing star of the menu but also for classics like hirata (steamed buns) and Japanese spins on pub food.


Sesame Ramen

Sesame paste and a hit of garlic turn this pork broth deliciously creamy, with a hint of toasty sweetness. With springy noodles, bamboo shoots, scallions, nori, and rich, slow-cooked pork belly. 

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Chuko Tater Tots 

This Japanese spin on classic tots is a must order. Sweet-tart okonomiyaki sauce, thinly shaved Bonito flakes (smoked, dried fish), and Kewpie mayo take these golden potato puffs to the next level.


Miso Vegetarian Ramen

Chuko’s wildly popular vegetarian ramen hits all the right notes with its umami-rich broth packed with springy noodles, bamboo shoots, scallions, cabbage, and nori. 

Chilled Hiyashi Chuka 

A warm-weather favorite in Japan, hiyashi chuka is a composed salad of cold ramen noodles–no broth–with shredded crab, tomato, cucumber, onion, pickled ginger, and silky tamago (Japanese omelette)


Fried Chicken Bun

A knockout collision of textures: crispy chunks of fried chicken thigh in a pillowy steamed bun, with crunchy Persian cucumber, pickled onions, carrots, and daikon, and Chuko's delicious spicy mayo.